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Is SEPTA paying you to advertise? (inspired by @rbender’s earlier tweet)

@rbender’s tweet earlier today reminded me of this little post I started [and have yet to finish] about @SEPTA’s advertising on passes. Why can’t we pick our advertising? Wouldn’t SEPTA’s advertising department benefit from the metrics they’d gather based on what ads purchasers choose? Can we pay more to not have any advertising on our passes? […]

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The Garden: Late Summer Thinning, Insights, Mission

We’ve thinned out most of the summer crops to start preparing for Fall planting. The bunnies are all grown up and have left the carrot patch. I spied one of them wearing a little blue jacket and a sack of wee carrots sprinting across the yard yesterday. Onions, Scallions, Asparagus, Cabbage, Romaine… and more are […]

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Baconcast Episode 1: Something tasty this way cometh.

Welcome to the pilot episode of Baconcast! We’re very excited about… well BACON of course. So grab a thick slice & munch along with your hosts Amelia & Jeremy.   Download now or listen on posterous Baconcast.m4a (3581 KB) Recorded live in front of the most amazing plate of bacon ever. Posted via email from jeremy […]

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