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Friday Design Face Off – Space Off

Design Face / Space Off, originally uploaded by jeremymandle. This is my dual Friday Design Face / Friday Design Space entry. If you are viewing this on my blog you should click the link to its flickr page to checkout the possibly funny notes on the photo. Link to Design Faces Pool info – […]

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Friday Design Spaces – The Flickr Pool

Friday "Flat" Design Space, originally uploaded by jeremymandle. About Design Spaces Show off the space you design within every Friday. Make sure to tag your photo with "design spaces" and add it to the pool. Inspired by the Design Faces pool created by Cheers!

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Fever° + Fluid = AWESOME

Fever is self hosted (meaning that you download the application and install it on your web server) and Shaun’s autmated process for verifying your server’s compatibility is extremely well done. At first I was hesitant to get a web app that I had to host myself? Of course I realized that I already have my own cloud (this site)… why not expand my cloud, begin to rely less on the greater interweb. Not to mention eliminating additional recurring SaaS fees. Maybe soon I will host my own Harvestapp, Basecamp, etc… I’d gladly pay a one-time license fee to host my own application.

I used Fluid to create a MenuExtra SSB for my new install of Shaun Inman’s amazing new Feed Reader application.

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