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Blocking Obama? via

Subject: Blocking Obama? To save our economy, President Obama’s stimulus plan needs bipartisan support in the Senate. Our new TV ad urges the few swing-vote Republican senators to join Obama. Can you chip in $35? Click Here Dear MoveOn member, Arrgh! We’re facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. President Obama crafted a […]

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this weeks link sheet

Fakeblog » WordPress Themes WordPress theme Tags: wp, wordpress, themes, typography, minimal Upstart Blogger |  WordPress themes and other goodies These themes may be updated fairly frequently and you should always be using the most recent version for best results. To be notified of updates, subscribe to the Upstart Blogger feed. For support, please post your […]

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Peanut butter & Proactiv? What’s next?

The PumpTop TV display interface could use a redesign, the sidebar is too easily confused with primary content area at times. Although, a more coordinated and closely monitored advertising/programming effort might have prevented me from throwing away those hundreds of Proactiv bottles in the basement 😉 Sent from my mobile Posted via email from mandle

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